Tuesday, May 7, 2013

At work in Youngstown

Dear Family and Friends!

                                          Great to be with you all this week! The work here in Youngstown is going great. The week started off with Elder Chapman and I traveling to Cleveland for a Missionary Leadership Council. It was great to attend and to be there with all of the Zone Leaders and our training sisters. We were able to council and train and it felt like coming home to be in the mission office again voicing our opinions and being edified with our great leaders. Five of our current Zone Leaders are members of my transfer and President gave us the opportunity to bear our testimonies due to the fact that it would be our last council together. I lamented doing this to be honest as it hit me perhaps like it hasn't yet to this point that my time is very limited and these privileges are my last of the season. I felt humbled to share my simple witness; I felt filled with the spirit and trembled as I let them all into my chest for a moment. I will miss days like this.
                                           We had a great week in our area. We have had the opportunity to give alot of service doing different things from scrubbing cigarette residue from every square inch of our investigators walls and ceilings to raking a three level back yard covered in old leaves; it was so much. Our investigator Shawn came out teaching with us on Saturday and also helped give service. This young man is so stellar; he is living his baptismalcovenant and he hasn't even been baptized. Nancy is our other baptismal date right now and she is also doing amazing. We are being blessed to work with some very humble people right now; it is refreshing too because they both understand that this isn't all about them; it is about Him and everyone else and they are so anxious to serve.
                                          This weekend was Youngstown Ohio's Stake Conference and I got to see many old friends from Ashtabula and Warren. One woman came up to me and said "Elder Prince, you have been on your mission for 4 years!", I had to laugh because to see the people fromAshtabula it seems that way. It has been a long road that went by in no time. My biggest concern at the moment is getting as many people to teach as are ready before I leave so that Elder Chapman may have plenty of work to do this summer!
                                            Things are well and time is fast. Miracles are happening here every day. I know that God lives and is the author of all the good I see. I hope that you all will see the God this week! 

Love, Elder Prince

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