Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Farewell to the Field

Dearest Family and Friends,
                                               It is with the utmost gratitude that I have the privilege to write you today and conclude my feelings to you all about having served the last two years in the Ohio Cleveland Mission. To attempt to encapsulate all the feelings of my heart into a single letter would be futile, but I do wish to share the things I feel matter most in relation to my testimony and the concluding my mission this week. I have heard said once that the most important word in the English language is the word "Remember". As children of God I believe we are at most peace when the spirit whispers truth to us, because in those moments we remember the Fathers love and the place from whence we came. We do not remember learning our first lessons of truth before the world was; what it must have been like to be there and to anticipate the purpose for which His plan was established! What it must have been like to see Michael and his angels war with the dragon for worth of souls. Only if we could remember the Savior volunteering His will to the Father for His love of the Father and betterment of the His children. It is wisdom that we do not remember these things but what it will be to remember again them in due time. For now, we do as Paul directs and "walk by faith, not by sight" (2 Cor. 5:7) and struggle to remember who we have been, who we are and who we are becoming. Coming on a mission knowing that God loved us. I came believing in miracles. I came knowing that the Book of Mormon was the word of God and that it's translator was a Prophet of God. I came knowing the Atonement had the power to heal wounds and liberate sinners. I want you, my dear brothers and sisters, to know that I have not forgotten what I knew then and that by the grace of God I have been able to share these things with my all my heart to the wonderful people of Ohio. I still know that God loves us. I have seen miracles. I have seen the Book of Mormon fill those who sought for truth and righteousness, in fact, I never taught a person who read it as Moroni directed who was not convinced of it's truthfulness and then baptized. It is the word of God. I still know that Joseph is God's prophet and through His instrumentality, the foundation of this marvelous work was laid. I thank God for a prophet. Above all, my brother and sisters, I still know that Jesus is the Christ; the Redeemer of the whole human family and that His grace is sufficient to save souls; even a wretch like me. I count these past two years of service to be a small thing, for they are only the surface of discipleship; to follow Him is forever. My mission was not a sacrifice, it was a privilege to follow God. We give up those things we think we truly want and in return we receive those things we truly need, and ironically we call it a sacrifice... What could the Father tell the world of sacrifice, of death? He sent His son to die for us and rise with living breath. What does the Father ask of us? What do the scriptures say? Have faith, have hope, live like His Son, help others on their way. So my prayer is that we remember what a sacrifice truly is and that we remember the sacrifice that was made for all of us. If the most important word in our language is remember, it is my prayer we remember Him. "And keep His commandments which he has given [us], that [we] may always have His spirit to be with us". I know I will always remember the Ohio; for these were days never to be forgotten!
                                                             In the end, my prayer is that it will be said of me "He believed in Christ". May whoever reads this know that this testimony is true. I look forward to the reunion with so many of you who I appreciate and love. Thank you for your prayers in my behalf! They worked! May the glory be to God henceforth and forever! Amen and Amen! 
                                                                             Love Always, Elder Brandon Prince

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