Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Happy Spring!

Dearest Friends and Family!
                                          Another fast week has passed here in the Ohio and I am still full of the wonder of what the days may bring. I wish I could adequately explain how I am feeling about the work right now; the main questions that repeat in my head are: How does Father do it? Why does He do it? I cannot say how impressed I have been with a feeling of love from Him these last two weeks especially. I feel no closer to Him than to see the people I am teaching progressing. I want to tell you all about Mary. She is the girlfriend of one of our less-active members and has been meeting with us for the last 6 weeks. Mary  has had a hard upbringing and she has raised three children from the time she was 18 with no real help from their fathers. She has such a humble spirit and such a love for her children. Over the time that we have been teaching her we have seen so much change in her; especially in her desire to do what is right. Though she struggles to read she always keeps her commitments to read the scriptures even if it means she has to re-read the chapter over and over. Despite being a 20 cigarette a day smoker she has dwindled down to only 3 yesterday! And she has been sharing the gospel with  her roommate and acting as her guide an mentor. She has banned anyone from smoking in the house anymore and has really cleaned the place up; it has done a 180 from the first time that we taught their. She and Dan are planning on getting married on April 12th and then the week following will be her baptism! It has built my faith just watching this family! When humble hearts come to know God, miracles happen! We took their family on a tour of Kirltand last weekend and had a wonderful experience. We were all joined in fasting and the Spirit was ever present.  The spirit was pured out upon us all as we offered Dan and Mary a blessing in the School of the Prophets where the Word of Wisdom was revealed. That day has been a major turning point and since they have not stopped progressing. Keep this good family in your prayers! They are going to make it!
                                        I am so happy to be at this place; meaning Warren, Ohio and also so happy to be at this place spiritually. Though their are yet 'mountains to climb' I know with the help of the Savior that the way is sure. Elder Payne and I have gotten along better than perhaps any companion I've had in the past. The ward's trust and love for us and the work also seems to be continuing to improve and yesterday I had the privilege of speaking in sacrament meeting. I was asked to speak on 'Unity' and was blessed throughout the week to be able receive many impressions from the spirit as to what I should say. I felt very good about the talk when it concluded and had several members comment on how the spirit was manifest to them. I love speaking in public on my mission because if you are willing to put your agenda on hold and let the spirit guide you can literally be a mouthpiece; it is hard to explain, but it is so edifying. The best part of the experience was the 70 year old lady that walked up to the stand when the meeting was over and said "Elder Prince, you have an old soul don't you?", I had to laugh at that!
                                       Well, I best be going! I love you all! I love the Ohio! and I love the Lord! May we all come together in unity of the faith is my inner most desire.
                                                                                                        Happy Spring! Love, Elder Prince

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