Monday, March 11, 2013

6 Weeks in Warren

Dearest Family and Friends,
                                           So much to say in so little time. The highlight of my week was the confirmation of our good friend Donte. Elder Payne was voice and he did a terrific job. I am so grateful that he is having these experiences so early on in his mission and beginning already to taste the fruits of his labor! We have still been biking all over this town. It is a lot of fun to have everybody honk at you because of how much the enjoy your haircut; but the odd thing is that I am always wearing a helmet so I don't  know what all the fuss is about! ;). I was sick with a flu/cold all of Friday which was pretty interesting. I cleared out a whole case of airborne, two gallons of water, stayed knocked out in my bed with Ny-Quil and got a priesthood blessing at the end of the day and rose the next morning like nothing happened! Pretty much everybody that we teach and their dogs are sick so I figured it was only a matter of time before I got something and sure enough I did; and it only took a complete 24 hour shut down to get back to normal! So, aside from getting sick this week was great. We have been focusing on finding through our less-active members and we have had a lot of great experiences in doing this. We had two trips to Kirtland set up with investigators this week which both fell through freeing up a whole half a day of back up plans and it was amazing how many times we found ourselves in the right places at the right times. The sun is starting to come out a little and we saw the first flowers of the year peek out of the ground so I am glad to know that we are going to have some warmer weather to work with!  Dan and Mary are continuing to do well. We are trying to get their wedding plans underway, which should be very exciting. They also committed to live the Word of Wisdom this week and this Saturday we are planning on taking them to the School of the Prophets in Kirtland to give them a blessing where the revelation on the Word of Wisdom was revealed! It is such a blessing to have Kirtland here in the mission; our investigator get to experience the Restoration their; it is a place of conversion. Also, President called this week and asked if I would accept the assignment to be a district leader of the Ashtabula District. I was pretty shocked by the call to be honest as I thought my days in leadership were over but I told him that I would love to accept his assignment. I am excited to work with the Elders and Sisters in my district and I am especially grateful because now I have the right to go on an exchange to Ashtabula and return their for the first time in a year and a half. Ashtbaula is still my most favorite area and I thought I would have to wait to my release to return there and be with some of the converts! So I am looking forward to that and am hoping to travel up north pretty soon. By the way, transfers were on Thursday and this transfer saw the arrival of 29 missionaries and only 6 went home. The mission added 12 new areas! Pretty exciting times and all of this is in consequence of President Monson's announcement on the change of missionary age. I am so privileged to be able to serve in this capacity at this time! I am right where I want to be at this stage of my mission. Thank you all for your letters, your e-mails and especially for your prayers. Please keep praying that we can be lead to more people to teach and that our investigators will continue to progress! The Savior is at the helm of this work and I know that the direction we are headed has many blessing in store. I know this Church is true. Let us all be doers of the word!
                                                                                                                            Love, Elder Prince

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