Wednesday, February 13, 2013

With Love from Warren

Dear Family and Friends!

 Well Hello! What a crazy couple of weeks it has been and at last I can write to you with out the daunting task of escaping enraged librarians! Things have been well since I wrote last. Elder Payne and I are running full length write now and having a great time. A little bit about my companion: Elder Payne is becoming a very good friend. He is very humble and willing missionary. His first night in the field we were biking through a blizzard and the kid had smile from ear to ear! He is the only child in his family and help-ed his Dad come out of inactivity by preparing to serve a mission. He has a great testimony and is very easy going and easy to like. Now, a little about the area: Warren is a very interesting place. It has really lost alot of its population in the last 50 years and used to be a booming factory city, nowadays it is rather run down but it has alot more middle class than East Cleveland. The people are great. I have had more fun in the last two weeks that I have in quite some time. We have been let it door after door and been able to have many good finding opportunities. We have been let in more doors in the last 10 days than I think I have been let in in about 4 1/2 months! We are teaching a part-member family right now where the wife is trying to quit smoking and get baptized so she and her family can eventually make it to the temple. Her name is Mary and she is a very good  humble woman. We are also teaching the 12 year old son of one of the ward's recent converts named Donte; the kid is very excited and fitting into his deacons quorum very well. We taught the deacons Sunday school lesson this week and bribed them all with candy bars; needless to say it worked perfect and the kids were all very reverent. Elder Payne and I are essentially starting from scratch in the area and much of our night time has been spent traveling around getting to know the members and sharing spirituals thoughts with them. The bikes have been fun despite having to call it quits and start walking during a few snow storms. All is well right now as we are both learning so much. I am right where I want to be with my mission right now. Being able to train this good Elder is such a privilege. I know that he is going to do many great things here in the field. I am still amazed with how fast the days go; it passes away like a dream. The Lord and His goodness have impressed me more than anything else this week. He has provided for us and proved faithful at every turn. I am learning to do as Paul directs in Philippians 4 and not worry unduly about any particular thing but rather to live with thanksgiving daily. I know that the Lord will greatly bless the grateful and the obedient and my companion and I are seeing His blessings every day. Thank you all for your prayers! They work! Please pray that we may be able to find those whom the Lord has prepared! (D&C 29: 6-7). I hope that you all have a great week! 

Love Always, Elder Prince

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