Thursday, February 7, 2013

What up from Warren?!

Dear Family and Friends,
                                     Well... I am in a pickle. I lost my Drivers license (nice) and the library here in Warren will not let me use their computers so it may be a couple of weeks until I can write but I will have you know that I am so happy to tell you all I have been transferred to Warren, OH and my new missionaries name is Elder Payne from Bountiful, UT. He is awesome and is soaking everything up like a sponge. We are biking elders and it has been snowing all week, it has been pretty interesting. There are miracles happening that I hope to give in more full detail later. Again I apologize but I am already sneaking behind enemy lines to write this e-mail. One of the Elders I am living with is letting me use his account hurdling over the top of we so I wont get caught by the librarians! I am having a blast right now and so blessed to have this opportunity to serve the Warren ward. The first week was amazing. Keep me in your prayers that I wont fall onto the icy sidewalk another time from my bike! Love you all! 

Love, Elder Prince

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