Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Happy Day is Warren

Dearest Friends and Family,
                                          I wish to say to you all this week how grateful I am to you all for your continued love, support and prayers in my behalf as I have labored here in the Ohio. Everyday I feel the strength that comes from your love and I want you all to know that there is nothing greater than serving our God. The people of Warren are shaping me as I feel that I am growing along side with them. I am finding that the Saviors promise that if we lose ourselves for others, we ultimately find ourselves is true. We are working daily with people who are for the first time learning truly what it means that God lives. One of the greatest thrills of being a missionary is what I call "spiritual deja'vu"; when someone you are teaching understands the gospel in such a way that it sound familiar too them and then the light comes on in their eyes. The enabling power of the Atonement reaches them as they simply remember that they chose the Savior before this life and now they are re-learning to follow him again. The thought came to me this week that any living soul who can come and shake my hand at one time in their existence believed in Christ. I am finding the greatest satisfaction I9 have ever known by reminding people of what they already know in their hearts. We have been working very closely with the Adam's family which consist of a less active member named Daniel and his non-member girlfriend Mary. They  have three children and all of the family is striving to learn and they have come to church 3 weeks in a row. Dan and Marry are looking to be married in the coming weeks and both are set to be baptized. Every time we go to visit them I see them slowly changing. They have the light of Christ growing. They speak more like Him. They Look more like Him. They are becoming more like him!
                                          Elder Payne and I are having a great time every day. We are praying to find the very elect of God that will not harden their hearts and it has been a miracle to see the response. We have continued to get into doors and we are doing all we can to see others as they truly are. It works! Today is a rainy, cold day in Warren and I can't wait to go out and work! I can truly say that the Lord has brought me so far in my desire to share the gospel. I thought I had it before my mission but there is no comparison to how it has grown in me to the current day. Again, I thank you all for your prayers because they are felt and they keep me going.
                                          I have been touched by many of your e-mails this week. Thank you all for being good people. Good parents, good brothers and sisters. Good friends. I thank the Lord for placing each one of you in my path. I feel so rich because of you all. I pray that we may all continue to love the Lord. I hope that we might find greater joy in His purpose. May we rely upon Him daily and always remember His atonement. I love you all and hope that you have a great week!
                                                                                           Love, Elder Prince
                      P.S. Congrats to Samye (formerly known as Hermana Jensen;)) for all of her service in the Oakland/San Fran Mission. You have worked so hard and the people will be forever blessed for your love and sacrifice. These are time never to be forgotten! Good Job!!!!!! :)   

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