Monday, February 25, 2013

At War in Warren

Dearest Family and Friends,
                                                   It is always a good week when Sunday night rolls in and all you want to do after planning is lay on the living room floor and stair at the ceiling! I love it! It is quite a scene to see Elder Payne and I flying down the streets of Warren looking for our next investigator. We are bundled from head to toe and sweating by the time we finally stop for appointments. If I get cold I just pick up the pace on the bike a bit; Henry Ford said 'he who cuts his own wood, warms himself twice'; I can relate because we staying plenty warm! Elder Payne is coming along so well. Training a second time around is such a different experience; I feel that I am a lot less worried about things. Elder Payne and I opening a new area I think was very beneficial for both of us; he learned how to build from the ground up and how to build rapport with the members. The first few weeks we were knocking doors by day and doing our best to be teaching in the night and it has worked out pretty well as the Lord has given us some great people to teach! We are working closely with a group of friends that all live in one house. We have three investigators (Mary, Leesha and Adam), and one less-active member named Daniel. All of them have little gospel background so we are starting from scratch; almost primary school style! Mary and Leesha in particular are coming along so well. We were so happy to see that they have been keeping their commitments to read and pray daily. In teaching investigators you have to move at a pace that allows for them learn the lessons but also to become spiritually self-reliant by reading the Book of Mormon on their own and praying daily. I hardly like to move on to other lessons until this is being accomplished. The foundation of seeking revelation through reading, praying and coming to church has to be laid before the gospel will become personal to anyone and conversion may take place; isn't it funny that those simple principles are taught in primary? The childlike faith of our investigators keep a smile on me from ear to ear. I love watching the spirit work upon them as we read together! We also have been working closely with a recent convert and her son Donte. This kid is amazing! We have seen an emergence in him as in the beginning he was quite distracted and indifferent in our lessons and now he has been reading and praying daily and actually anticipating our visits. There are few things better than watching a 12 year old give insight to a question or a reading that you know came straight from Heaven and out of his mouth! It has been special to teach him this last month and his baptism will be held this Sunday!
We have also met some great people through our tracting efforts who are progressing along! I think Elder Payne did some of his very best teaching this week. I am so proud of him as he and I have been practicing every day together and taking our studies seriously. The Lord is such a joy to work for! His paychecks are always on time and His benefits are eternal; He is good for EVERY ONE of His promises!
Yesterday, Elder Payne and I impromptu taught Gospel Principles and the subject was Faith in Jesus Christ; the very first principle of the gospel. In teaching the lesson it struck me how much the Lord really has done for me in my life; especially in the years that I really have had faith in Him. Wednesday will be my 4 year sobriety mark; I could've never dreamed this is what the Lord had planned for me some four years ago. Though I have grown well accustomed to missionary life over these last 21 months, I still feel like I am dreaming at times when I see what the Lord has done for me and how far we've come. I want to testify to you the same thing I did yesterday in my class. I know that He is real. I know He lives and I only know because of the simple things He asks of us if we want to come to know him. Pray, study, serve others, and go to church; I know anyone who will feel after Him will find Him and be healed! I love going to war in Warren with Him everyday!
                                                                                       Love, Elder Prince

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