Monday, January 23, 2012

Hello From Canton

Dearest Friends and Family,
                                          It is great to write you this week, I am filled with grattitude to do so. I have been recently transfered to a wonderful new area in Canton, Oh. It is in the Akron Zone of the Mission. I have also been assigned to be a district leader over 8 Elders/Sisters. My last day in Ashtabula was wonderful and I got to say goodbye to many friends whom I came to love with all my heart, I will always love Ashtabula and it's people. One of our investigators just cried for an hour straight when I told her I was being transferred, we had to entirely ditch the lesson and talk about the assurance that all that we have taught has ensured a friendship in the eternities. She quickly penned me a note and now I carrie it with me in my white handbook. The area has a great new Elder headed there whom I knew very well from a previous area and there is plenty of work in store for he and my trainee.

                                           Canton is such a blessing. I love my new companion. He name is Elder Fair, he is three months out and just was trained. His Dad was in the military so he has grown up in many places throughout the world, it has been fun comparing notes of our travels. Right when we got together we went to work. We have seen true miracles in only four days together. As we headed home on Saturday night he said "Elder Prince, I want to just tell you, these three days have been an honor for me". We tracted in a straight up blizzard this week with pretty harsh winds and both of us had smiles from ear to ear. That same night we received a referral from an Elder who served here two years ago who said he felt prompted to call us and check up on someone that he taught. We did so the next day to no avail and decided that we would tract across the street from the referrals house. We knocked about five minutes when suddenly a woman opened the door and let us right in the house. She just started to say thank you. She explained that she had been praying to God to send her someone who would show her the truth! We were both so full of the spirit as we listened to this woman, she is married and has 5 kids and we have an appointment with her tomorrow night. Over and over she had the biggest smile and her face and repeated saying "Thank you". So powerful.

                                          Yesterday was my first Sunday in the new ward, I took the opportunity to meet as many people as I possibly could. I must have shaken a hundred hands yesterday! I cant tell you how blessed I am to have Elder Fair as my companion. He is so humble, so ready to improve. He and I have taught in unity pretty much effortlessly this week and the spirit has been so powerful and present. I feel like we are essentially starting from the ground up in this area but I am ready. I can sense great things are headed our way. I can see so much potential in our ward and it's leadership. The calling as District Leader has been great as well. I have enjoyed being able to further lose myself in the work this week as I have had much more to contemplate with the stewardship of more people.

                                          I want you all to know that I love the Lord. He sets me free. He lightens my heart. I know all things are possible in Him. I know that He openly rewards those who diligently seek Him. I love you all so much! God bless and have a great day today!
                                                        Elder Prince

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