Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Final Report from Ashtabula

Dearest Friends and Family,
Last night my companion
received a call and I was told "Elder Prince, pack your bags for
Wednesday". I am going to be out-zoned, not really sure where I am
going, but I will find out at transfer meeting in Kirtland tomorrow.

I couldn't sleep last night as
I reflected upon all that has been brought to pass in my life since
mid October. These last three months have been full of miracles. Today
concludes my 3 month training of Elder Crosland. I am so grateful to
have completed this assignment and to have been so richly blessed in
our time together. In the short space of three months we both grew
tremendously in our testimonies. We both truly lost ourselves in the
work. I went through my mind of several people that we had served in
our time here and I know that we can both confidently say we served
first peached second. We did so much work with less-active members and
saw so much growth in them. We were able to bring 5 souls into the
covenant of baptism, with two others on the way. Elder Crosland will
be staying in Ashtabula. I told him last night that I have full
confidence in him in moving the work forward here and assured him that
if he stays humble, the same success we saw will follow.

It is bittersweet for me to leave
Ashtabula, though I labored mightily in East Cleveland, this was the
place where I became a missionary. In our recent interviews with
President Sorensen I tearfully thanked him for having the inspiration
to send me to Ashtabula and giving me the opportunity to train, he
looked me dead in the eye and lovingly assured me "Elder Prince, it is
only the beginning my friend". That statement has really stuck with me
as I have contemplated it, both from the sense of what can be
accomplished here in the field as well as in the after arena of my
real life. I cant tell you how much I have come to love my mission
President. Last night in my prayers I thanked the Lord for my growth
and asked Him he was pleased with me, the fire overcame me and the
quiet words of the spirit whispered "There is more in store". I cannot
say enough how grateful I am for the Spirit of the Lord, it is my
light in the darkness.

Tender mercies of the Lord are all
around, the Lord works in mysterious so that when you catch a slight
glimpse of His mighty workings you can't help but be full of wonder
and awe. I know that I am right where I need to be. I cannot say
enough about the impeccable timing of the Lord, it makes me wonder why
I ever worry? There is such safety and peace in obedience, come what
may if we know where we stand we cannot worry about the timing in
which our difficulties arise. This week I found out that a certain
Elder, namely Elder Christoffel Golden will be visiting our mission to
address various stakes in Northeast Ohio. Need I say more about the
impeccable timing of the Lord? There are many more than 70 traveling
Elders in the Church with over 2,800 stakes worldwide and the one
Elder of the Quorum of seventy that my own father baptized will be
coming to my stake to address us. I am anxiously looking forward to
shaking his and hand introducing myself.

The Lord is on our side. I cannot deny
His goodness. Despite our many mistakes His hand is stretched out
still. I love you all and wish to thank you once more for your prayers
in my behalf, they work! May we strive for charity this day!
Love, Elder Prince

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