Thursday, December 6, 2012

Much Love from East Cleveland

Dearest Family and Friends;
                                                It has been yet another great week to be a missionary.  Our teach pool has dwindled down considerably which can be discouraging if you let it. This area seems to challenge me more than any where else I have served. This area also happens to be the place where I have spent more time than anywhere else. The culture of the inner city is a hard one for the seeds of testimony to flourish. The Lord has been teaching me perseverance and patience perhaps more than anything. We did have a young man we tracted into come to church yesterday which was great. His name is Sydale and he is from the inner city. He is very humble and is looking to improve his life so we are looking forward to continuing to meet with him. We also had a man from Nigeria call us yesterday and referred himself. He said he met with the Elders in Africa and has been looking for them ever since he came to the states and last week some Elders on the street gave him our number so that would sure be exciting if we can start teaching him.
                                               I have to tell you all the miracle of the week. Friday night as we were planning we felt impressed and madepreparations to teach one of our less-active members about the law of Chastity. The next morning we went and taught him. As the lesson began it was one of those times on my mission where you feel like the spirit grabs your tongue and you say exactly what is needed. This man began to humbly and vulnerably explain how he is struggling with an addiction to pornography and how he feels that God has repeatedly trying to reach him and help him stop. We expressed to him how grateful we were for his forthrightness and humility. We then went on to explain the scriptures onto him and testify of the atonement. After some discussion we asked the man if he would show his faith in Jesus Christ by gettinga black Hefty garbage sack and gathering all of the pornography in his house to surrender over to us. Without hesitation he rose and left alone in his living room and gathered all the materials he possessed and placed them all in the black garbage sack. Upon surrendering the sack to us we asked him, "How do you think your Heavenly Father feels about this decision?" He said "he is probably very proud". The spirit was so strong and I was touched by this mans humility. We assured him that he had won a battle that day. The sack was then placed in its rightful place; the dumpster.
                                              I am always touched when anyone will take a step of faith. I am touched by honesty. I am touched when the spiritual man inside gets an upper hand on the natural man on the outside. I am grateful for the Lord who empowers His children and whispers engorgement and healing into their hearts. I pray that whatever our sins may be that we might not value them more than the Atonement of our Lord. I hope that no sin ever becomes more precious to us than eternal life. I hope that we all might surrender our weapons of rebellion. Elder Mo;Unga have resolved to look for the small and simple miracles that happen every day and they are happening. I know that the Lord still heals.
                                             Thank you all for your prayers and support. I can feel you from all these miles away.
                                                                                      Love, Elder Prince

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