Friday, December 14, 2012

Happy December

Dearest Family and Friends,
                                               I am sitting here trying to remember what happened this week; it is all a blur at this point. I would have to say the highlight was the specialized training that we received from Salt Lake. We had church educators here all week who had all of the leaders assemble for training. To be honest it was like boot camp mixed with Sunday school. This one brother in particular was a mission President in San Diego ad now does missionary instruction for the church; this guy ripped our hearts out. Our mission President said we all looked like a bunch of scared dogs. I loved it though. I love straight forward talk when it comes to the gospel. Way too much false doctrine is spread when we speak light and fluffy as missionaries. People will understand the love and the joy of the gospel only as they feel motivated enough to try the doctrine. We learned alot of great things and we will also need to make a few course correction in our mission. This guy was taking cultural standards we had here and flipping them on their head. Pretty funny/intense.
                                              We also had our Christmas party on Saturday and we had over 100 people show up, 30 more than expected and way more than a traditional sacrament meeting. The idea that more people will show up for free food than to worship God honestly does sadden me a bit, but the ward did a great job in making the whole party about Christ.
                                               Elder Mo'Unga and I have been blessed with some great people to teach this week; thank you for all of your prayers. We are teaching a couple in their 80's right now and its going great. The husband has been protecting Joseph Smith to his kids; it has been pretty impressive. We also have been able to re-connect with some former investigator and our YSA investigator, Sydale is also doing great!
                                              I wish I could tell you more but we are flying fast today. I love you all and hope that you are doing well this Christmas season!
                                                                               Love, Elder Prince

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