Monday, October 22, 2012

With Love from Ohio

Dearest Family and Friends,

Another great week has passed here in Ohio. I am learning so much right now. Elder Mo'Unga and I have had an excellent week together and we can hardly believe we have been together nearly a month! This weekend was Stake Conference in Kirtland. I love going to Kirtland for any reason especially to gather with the Saints. It is so inspiring to me to think that 180 years ago we were all gathered bearing testimony and here we are on the same ground with the same conviction! Ali and Mohsen came along to Stake Conference and again were touched by the spirit. These two young men are so eager to be baptized; it has been hard having to delay their baptismal date and deny their enthusiasm having to first handle the protocol of the church in working with Muslims; it all has it's good reason it is just hard because they so desire to enter the fold and helping them do so is our entire livelihood Nonetheless, the Lord is very mindful of these two great guys and I know that all will be well! We are also working with a great lady named Marilyn; she is an African-American, single mother of three.She is so fun and always trying to poke fun at Elder Mo'Unga and I. We have been helping her gain a testimony and this week she said that she knew for a fact that the Lord was helping her. She has been giving up smoking and it has been inspiring to watch her. Every time we meet with her she has more light. We are praying all will go well.
Things in East Cleveland are great. The weather is about to take a turn; I have been mentally preparing myself as best I can for an entire winter on foot. It is so dang cold out here; there is no other way to put it. Also It is an interesting place to be right now with the Presidential election. There are more Obama signs in my area than their are grains of sand on the beach; it is crazy. Everyday we have people asking us what we think about the whole thing; I always just tell them I am going to be voting for Jesus Christ this election and in all elections forevermore; it is pretty funny. Not that I have lost my patriotic side, but I am more concerned with not knowing what the Celtics have done this off season than I am who will be the next President of our country; I probably should reconsider my priorities sometime soon. Things are going great. I have a smile on my face and my winter gear makes me look like I am part of the Mafia. Pray for me.
I hope that you all have a great week this week and know that our Redeemer lives!
 Love, Elder Prince

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