Monday, October 15, 2012

With Love from East Cleveland

Dearest Family and Friends!
Great to be with you today! Things here in East Cleveland are going great. I love this area because you can have experiences here that you can't get any where else in the mission. I love talking with people from all over the globe and testifying of the Saviour to them. They are from all over; from Iran to China, to Turkey and India. This area is laden with children of God from all over the earth. As far as the work we had our most successful week yet! We had two investigators come to church in the family ward and Ali and Mohsen are still doing well in the Young Single Adult Branch. We had some powerful lessons with them this week and they are still very excited about the gospel. W are hoping that President Vellinga will approve for us to set baptismal dates with them soon! We have been all over the map this week and our members have been extremely kind to give of their time and resources to help us travel around. I think it built their faith to see some investigators come to church!
Autumn is the greatest season in Ohio. The trees here are beautiful as the foliage changes color. Everyday it seems to get a little colder and the impending winter has me a bit antsy as Elder Mo'Unga and I will be on foot all winter long. East Cleveland is a biking area right next to the lake, so will get plenty of snow and plenty of wind. We don't have a car to warm up our hands and feet from time to time but luckily for us the Spirit of God is likened unto a fire burning! Of a truth it saddens me that this is my last winter in this place that I love. Every season here now is my last and I don't think I have fully accepted that this will all end one day. I have built my life around Ohio, all the thoughts and feelings of my heart are here. Going home will be like building a house, putting all of your heart into it and then up and leaving. Only to hold its image in your heart and mind. I often wonder how the saints felt as they walked away from Kirtland and looked back the temple only to experience the same in Nauvoo. Ultimately everything God blesses us with in this life will only be a memory; but the relationships we hold are eternal. This is why the deepest cries of my heart are that myself, my family and my friends live in righteousness. What we are becoming everyday has eternal consequence. Upon reading these words in my study this morning my thoughts were turned to all of my family, friends and those I have taught:
14)...and the righteous shall have a perfect knowledge of their enjoyment, and their righteousness, being clothed with purity, yea, even with the robe of righteousness. 15) And it shall come to pass that when all men shall have passed from this first death unto life, insomuch as they have become immortal, they must appear before the judgment-seat of the Holy One of Israel; and then cometh the judgment, and then must they be judged according to the holy judgment of God.
16) And assuredly, as the Lord liveth, for the Lord God hath spoken it, and it is his eternal word, which cannot pass away, that they who are righteous shall be righteous still, and they who are filthy shall be filthy still;
- 2 Nephi 9: 14-16
I testify that these words are true. I pray that we may follow Christ and know true joy. I pray that when the days comes that we have this perfect recollection it may be full of the beautiful memories that we have made together. Ohio means everything to me. One of my favorite Mother Theresa quotes goes as follows: "What you may spend your whole life building, others may ruin in a night; build anyways". I pray that none of my labors may be in vain here. And that what we are building may last forever. I feel it my sacred honor to build Kirtland again. Righteousness is the plea of our Father. May we chose him this week is my prayer. Jesus is the Christ and the Redeemer of us all. In his name, amen.

Love, Elder Prince

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