Monday, October 1, 2012

Back Home

Dearest Friends and Family,
                                                    Where do I start? The transition back to the field has been great. Wednesday I got my new companion; Elder Sione Mo'Unga from Orem Utah. Elder Mo'Unga is the man; he is a big Tongan and with a teddy bear’s heart. These last few days we have been out contacting in the streets for hours and we are loving it! He is great with the people out here and has a very natural way of treating them that draws them to our message.
                                                   I can't tell you how happy I was to return to this ward and all the members treat me like their son or their little brother! They were texting me and saying welcome back! We went to a ward BBQ on Saturday and I got to mingle with all of them again for the first time since I left a year ago and they were all so happy and excited. At the BBQ I asked the Bishop if we could speak in Sacrament soon and he said, "How soon can you be ready". To make a long story short we spoke in sacrament the next day and it went so well. I love speaking to the ward wherever I go because it lets the members see that you really are about your Father's business. The talks went great and by the end of church our meal calendar had filled right up!

I am so excited to be working amongst these people again. I feel like I left home and now I'm back! We have been out visiting many of the people I used to teach and two of them showed up for church yesterday! I was so happy to see them! My companion has asked me to help him with his gospel knowledge/teaching as it is he has only been out for 4 months; and despite my infant knowledge I committed to him I would help him in any way that I could. He is so humble and appreciative and we have hit it off right from the start. We have committed that we are going to work our hardest and not let any opportunity pass us by. We have been out on the streets a lot these last few days and not letting a soul pass by us without trying to share our message; it is so fun to have all of this time to try and find prepared hearts.

We have a long ways to go to get this ward excited about missionary work. We are very few in numbers and very undermanned in our callings and should technically be called a branch. But I think these first few days have been a great start of a foundation and a culture that we want to establish here. Members last night were telling us how appreciative they were that we were actually coming into their homes to teach them something and helping them feel the spirit. As happy as I was with the compliment I was a little disappointed wondering to myself "Isn’t that what missionaries are supposed to do every time?". here is a lot that needs to be corrected with how the area has been ran these last few months but I've already gotten the apartment clean and the area book all put together and updated. The other Elders we live with are our Zone Leaders and they are both brand new in their assignment so I am happy to be there for them in any way they need me. I love being in this position; being able to take the things I have learned over the last half year and be able to bless others’ lives and effectively help them come unto the Savior. I am so grateful that the Lord has been so mindful of me and has blessed me with people to teach and responsibilities to fill. The atonement has set me free in my life and I know that the Lord is now fully able to use me as an instrument in his hands. I am excited to fill my new assignment and be an example. I never realized how much I loved President Vellinga until I hugged him goodbye at the transfer meeting. He told me how grateful he was for my help and how much he loved me; he is such a good man. He told me that one of the test of a true leader is the example they will set when they climb off the peak of the mountain and walk with the knowledge of the great view. I knew what he meant and my goal is to be the most humble follower of my leaders that I can be; that I might be a blessing to them and show them how to return humbly to any assignment in the mission. The Lord has placed me in the right place at the right time and my heart is full of thanks! I hope to be telling you about some investigators soon! I love you all! He Lives! Love, Elder Prince

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