Tuesday, July 10, 2012

They who seek shall find!

Dearest Friends and Family,
I want to tell you all that today I feel like Peter. There is a story in which Peter had been out fishing all night and as the scriptures say the Lord came to him and asked him to cast in his nets a final time. The men had been fishing all night had had taken nothing and yet humbly they trusted the Lord and cast in their nets for a final draught. A miracle follows and the men ave nets so full of fish they can hardly pull the net in without it bursting open. Peter then remarks to his Master, "Depart from me O Lord, for I am a sinful man!". Peter didn't feel worthy to have witnessed such a miracle. He didn't understand why he was so blessed to see such great and marvelous things as he saw. I feel like Peter. I wish you could all follow me and see the miracles that I see everyday. I hardly feel worthy to live in this wretched flesh and am constantly filled with wonder as to why I have been so privileged as to see such marvelous workmanship of the Lord. He is constantly watching over His sheep here. I am never alone.
Our nets have all but burst this week. The Lord is blessing Elder Metcalf and I so much right now. My companion and I have committed to each other that we will talk to everyone. Literally everyone. We have not let a living soul pass by us in over 3 weeks. In doing so we also promised each other that we would be more persistent. The thought really hit us both that if this is the Lord's true church, and we are the Lord's truly ordained Elders, armed with the Holy Spirit and the Holy Priesthood than why shouldn't we do all we can to call upon heaven and work miracles? We have been much more persistent than any other time in our lives. We plead with people and bare sincere testimony at any chance we get. Early this week as we were leaving a member dinner we saw some people across the street and started to talk with them./ They were in no way interested and probably couldn't wait until we got off of their porch, but before we left them we asked the woman if she knew anyone in the area who could use a message about Jesus Christ ( We also have committed to asking EVERYONE for referrals. The woman cocked back her head, looked up at the sky and thought deeply about who we could share with. A slight pause and then she said "Why don't you try the people on the cornering the white house. They are new and don't know anyone". We didn't have time that might so we decided to come back the next day. The next evening we went to the white house on the corner. A woman answered the knock at the door and we told her who we were, "I know" she said "I am a member, and I believe it, I juts don't go". We couldn't believe it. Suddenly all of these children start congregating around the door way; there was 8 of them! The woman invited us in and began to explain how they were less active. She pointed to her daughter and said "She is 8 and she needs to be taught and baptized". Then the husband came in and explained to us that the Elders taught him about a year ago but that he just couldn't give up his cigarettes. Elder Metcalf couldn't believe that the non-member referral just happened to be the only house in the whole area where a part member family (that we were totally unaware of) lived. They agreed to have us over again and we had a great lesson a few days later. The kids were very obedient and loved learning. The husband and wife started to hold hands as we sang "Love at Home" with them. It was a great blessing.
On Saturday I was on exchanges in my area with my good friend and Zone Leader Elder Hollingsworth. It was the hottest day of the year and we went tracting from 10 AM to 2:30. In one door we knocked there was a Mother and an 11 year old daughter named Nicole and Madison. After some conversation I asked Alison the 11 year old if we could sing her a song. We sang "I am a Child of God". As we sang the spirit was really strong and the mother began to cry as she explained how she had grown up in church and had strayed and that she wanted to badly for her kids to have the same great upbringing she had. We promised her that we could help bring her family the peace that she was longing for and after talking a little more she agreed to have us back today. We had a lesson with them this afternoon and focused on families the whole time. It was such a fun lesson and peace was felt through out. We arranged another time to meet, had a closing prayer and headed back for the car. Just as we made it to the front yard Madison came around the corner and said "Elder Prince! Elder Prince!" I stopped and waited for her to catch up with us, "before you go, I wanted you to know that a few weeks ago I was praying that God would help my family find the right church and I just wanted to thank you because I feel like you guys are an answer to my prayer". I couldn't believe the words that were coming out of this 11 year olds mouth. I replied "Madison, you are amazing, thank you so much. Want me to tell you something? We have been praying to find you too! and I know that Heavenly Father heard your prayers and sent us!" . I asked her if she would do me a favor and she agreed. I said "Do you have a journal?", she nodded yes, "Go and write down what you prayed for and everything you just told us and anything else you want to tell your Heavenly Father and then go and show your Mom. Will you do that?" She agreed and gave us a big smile. It was probably one of the most tender moments of my whole life. All throughout the lesson I kept looking at her and feeling such love in my heart for her. She looked like an 11 year old Miley, I just wanted to take her home with me and tell her how amazing she was. We are going back to see that family in a few days and I cant sat enough about how excited I am!
For the sake of not writing too much I will say that we were sent to two other amazing families this week. All together we have so many people to teach I can hardly believe it. Between laboring for our area and our mission we are busy from sun up to sun down. I just lay on the floor after planning at night and I can hardly get up. We didn't even stop to go to the grocery store this week haha, we were eating famine style; a bunch of instant oat meals and water! These are days truly never to be forgotten. I feel like God is fully in the driver seatright now and we are flying. I know this gospel is true. I have surrendered to it and I have never been happier. Christ has my heart, might, mind and soul. I love you all and I pray that you wil be blessed!
Love, Elder Prince

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