Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Greetings from Ohio

Dear Friends & Family,
                                         It has been a pretty challenging week this week. Elder Metcalf and I have been very busy and sleep has been dismal. We hosted a few training meetings for new missionaries and spoke at several Zone Development meetings this week and it has me down right fatigued so hopefully I will get some much needed rest on my P-Day today (fingers crossed). Perhaps most challenging right now seems to be a 'dual with the devil' I am in the midst of right now; we have been teaching two families that have been progressing and doing great. One of which is a referral from a brother in our Stake Presidency; the other was the family of the little girl who had prayed us to her house that I mentioned a few weeks back. The little girl's family dropped us this week and didn't explain why and the other family canceled our appointment today because of anti information they have come across. The member who referred them called last night and explained that the reason they didn't come to church was because of this anti they had heard. He went on to explain some of the specifics of what they had heard and I grew silently frustrated and saddened; it is still carrying into to day a bit. I am in no way frustrated with them, but with the same anti that I have been getting hit with since my first area and even before my mission. It is particularly hard because we don't understand all of the dealings of the Lord. There are things that we flat out don't have answers for which can be troubling at times. It is particularly saddening when you see families and individuals who are humble and full of light one meeting and cold and contentious the next after hearing certain things. We have an appointment with this particular family on Thursday which I am assuming will be a sink or swim type of lesson; so please keep us in your prayers. We still have good things happening right now with a few part member families who have been lead to within the last month. I assume it is only my natural man that gets frustrated and saddened; we had just work so hard to have people like this to teach. Nonetheless we are still very blessed with the people we do have left. The Lord has assured me over and over that all flesh is in His hands and that all we need to do is rely upon him. Elder Metcalf is a good example to me; I am ready to go to war; he's ready to bust out the scriptures. I am just looking forward to the promise that brand new week brings. We don't have much time to dwell on hard things anyways; between juggling our responsibilities to the mission and the stewardship of our area our minds stay well occupied. Thank you all for your constant prayers and words of encouragement. All will be well! I apologize if this letter is a bit somber; but a mission is spiritual warfare. Like Paul says,we are not here to fight flesh and blood, just spiritual wickedness in high and low places; and even though ol' scratch has knocked me down a few times I'll stand firm and give God all the thanks and praises. I love you all!
                                                                                                                       Love, Elder Prince

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