Monday, August 13, 2012

Hi From Ohio

Dearest Friends and Family,

                                          I am so happy to write you all today! Congratulations to Justin and Missy on the arrival of there new son (give or take a couple of hours)! I am so excited to meet my new friend in the coming months! Mortality is just a miracle. God's love is behind every good thing. The Father would have us come to the realization that we are totally dependant on him for all of our needs; though we must work to provide lets not kid ourselves who the "Fount of Every Blessing'" is! King Benjamin says that he grants unto us our very breath; I can't begin to consider how many things he provides without our even asking. I am grateful that my brother knows how it feels to have a new born child who is totally dependant on him; and one who he is anxious to bless; your example means alot! Good luck!
                                         It has been another great week here in the Ohio. This week is our transfer and arrival week which means that my companion and I are going to be doing a lot of running around. It is a pretty fun week welcoming in all of the new Elders and Sisters. It is also good to say goodbye to our old mission friends. It is always fun to be with them on their last night and listen to them reminisce. I can't imagine leaving this place, it is going to be torture. It will come quickly however, I think this coming transfer may be my last as an assistant making 6 months in whole. I can't believe how fast these last 4 1/2 months have gone; it will be good to get a break from this assignment eventually, though I will miss it alot. I think President will have me train again in the coming months which has me giddy. Elder Crosland, the missionary that I trained almost a year ago is now training a missionary, so I have a "grandson" in the mission!; and they are baptizing and doing great! The friends you come to have a on a mission are second to none; they are one of the greatest blessings of serving. Speaking of blessings of serving a mission; Elder Metcalf and I reorganized our apartment to make more space fro our morning workout and we had a big patch of open space in our living room; as we finished moving this around I told him "now all we need is a bench press". So.. Later that day we were helping our former Ward Mission Leader move somethings out of his house and he offered us a brand new Golds Gym bench press and work out station. I couldn't believe it! The members of our ward are amazing! We are about half way through the 40 Day fast right now and things are going great! The members are really unified and experiences many great blessings.
                                      My goal has been to make our area a model for other missionaries and we have done so much to organize ourselves and be effective. We drew out districts in our ward on a map, found all of the people who live in them and then assigned our ward missionaries to all of the areas to begin visiting and fellowshipping less active members. The whole plan has been working great and they are becoming one of our greatest sources for seeking referrals and finding new people to teach. My companion and I have also simplified our reporting process a great deal; a process that used to take around 3 to 4 hours now takes around an hour. My hope is that we can simplify all of our administration work and future AP's can focus alot more on being examples in proselyting and tutoring missionaries on exchanges; both of which we will have more time to do. It is hard to do so much work and feel like you are giving your all and not baptizing. I have told Elder Metcalf that this has been one of the greatest 6 weeks of my life aside from the fact that  we didn't baptize. I think that this coming month is going to be one full of many more rich blessings and I hope that the members may see fruits of their 40 Day fast efforts. It is exciting to slowly light a fire in your area and to win the confidence of the members. So keep us in your prayers that we may find those whom the Lord has prepared!
                                     Well my friends, I love you all. Things here in the Ohio are going great! Life is a miracle; we can't control the length of it but we can control it's width and depth. Many miracles lay ahead of us if we will but be humble, have vision and trust in the Lord. Thank you for all you do!

Love, Elder Prince

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