Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Happy August

Dear Family and Friends,
                                       I am quite pressed for time this week but just wanted to let you all know that things are going great! Elder Metcalf and I are being richly blessed as of late. Our ward is now about 10 Days into our 40 Day fast. The response has been great. It has been so inspiring to see all of them excesses their faith unto works. I went on two exchanges this week with some of my Zone Leaders, first was in Toledo, Ohio with Elder Parkinson. The exchange was a great experience; he is one of my very favorite missionaries. A couple days later I had another exchange in Akron, Ohio with Elder Plitt; he and I came out of the MTC together, it was great to be with him; he is one of the very most Christ-like people I know. Developing my relationship with the leaders has been one of the best experiences of my mission. Our whole mission is really quiet faithful and very obedient, rarely do we run into problems. I traveled well over 600 miles this week and didn't get too much sleep so today is going to be a day of rest I am praying. We have also been fasting quite a bit which is not too bad as far as hunger goes but it wearies your body being out in the summer humidity. All in all though the Lord renews my body just about every day:) I apologize that I can't talk much today, but I will have you all know that things have never been better. We are working with a part member family named the Mullhollands right now who are amazing. This is yet another family I know that we have been lead to. We did service in their yard this week and got them acquainted with their visiting and home teachers so they should be progressing along nicely. I will let you all know how it goes. This family has stolen my heart; if you would, keep them in your prayers! I love you all so much and I thank you for wall of your prayers and thought sin my behalf. Ohio is my heart. The Lord is my light! Love, Elder Prince

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