Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Hello from Canton!

Dear Family and Friends,
                                        Great to be able to write you briefly this week! It has been a truly amazing week. I am starting to see changes in myself that I am very pleased with. I know that the Lord is really helping me in working with people. I feel like I am really starting to understand how to rely wholly upon the spirit to assist our discussions. The Lord has been showing me how to listen, how to discern and how to wait. The key to teaching in the field is never to anticipate a response, being more comfortable with silence is something I really needed help with in the beginning of my mission. My new companion really is great, the kid is a crack up, we laugh together more than any of my previous companions. I think the Lord has been trying to lighten me up since day one in the field because I keep getting some of the funniest companions. Elder Frandsen really knows his purpose as well and is a living witness of the power of the Atonement, I love the kid. I just feel that I should tell you all that I feel so supported in all that I do. I feel like the Lord is refining me and supporting me in large and simple trials. I feel perhaps most bless by the love I am experiencing for the people I teach. I feel like I am really starting to see them as He sees them and it fills me up. We found a woman this week in one of the roughest areas of Canton. Her name is Katie. She has had a an extremely difficult life and at first glance you can see a broken heart. She lives with her cousins and they are all she has left in this life. She has a son who we believe was taken from her custody and it hurts her deeply inside. Amidst all of her difficulties she knows that Heavenly Father loves her and she is grateful for all the good things, as few as they may be, that she has in her life, it is such an inspiration to me. We met with her three times last week and are exciting to keep preparing her for her baptism.
Tuesday we had an interview for one of our investigators to be baptized. At the conclusion of the night my Zone Leader called me and said that he felt uncomfortable about Bro. Duer's testimony of Joseph Smith and that he would not sign the baptismal form if something didn't change. As I hung up the hone I just sat and wondered at what could be done. The man has attended faithfully for 3 months, he knows that he doesn't have burning conviction but he always tells us he believes "this is the right step for him". My companion and I fasted in behalf of Bro. Duer and then went to his home the next night for a lesson on the Prophet Joseph Smith and the truth fullness of the Book of Mormon. The spirit was so strong as we all bore witness and helped Bro. Duer identify times he and felt the spirit strongly in his life. I asked him if he believed that the Book of Mormon truly was the word of God he confidently affirmed "Yes", and then i asked if he believed that Joseph, the translator of the work truly was a prophet?", the same answer followed. I went on to explain to him that he did not need to know in order to be baptized, he only had to believe. The meeting was sufficient for him to be baptized and our prayers were answered. I love Bro. Duer, such an honest, humble man who is in the pursuit of improving his life and being an example for his family. Saturday night President allowed for Elder Fair to come and sleep over in Canton for the baptism. It was great to joke around, reminisce on our work together and congratulate him on all the work he had put in to help Bro. Duer be ready for the coming day. Sunday we baptized Bro. Duer and the service was beautiful. The spirit was very strong and all of us were touched.
My brothers and sisters, I want you to know that I see the spirit of the Lord work in people everyday. I see it in their eyes. I hear in their voices. I have a testimony of the power of the Holy Ghost. I know that the Lord is calling us all in one way or another, I pray that we listen. I know he is trying to help us become our true selves. We are capable of bringing to pass great good in ourselves and in the world if we allow him to chasten us, refine us and fill us with his love. He is making us great. He turns our words from we may, we might and unfortunately "I can't", to we will, we are and "I can". May we search for the evidence of His love in our lives, we may need to look no further than the reflection in the mirror. I cant tell you how blessed we are for our design. We have eyes to see needs, ears to listen, hands to lift them that hang down, feet to take us to those in need and our hearts to feel love, we are literally instruments of God! How beautiful is that thought? We don't know who we are until we see what we can do. With Christ we can do all things! I love you all and can't ever thank you enough. Hope you all have a great day!
                                                                     Love, Elder Prince

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