Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Farewell to Canton

Dearest Family and Friends,
Forgive me for being brief today but we are flying by the seat of our pants once more. Early this week I got the commission of the AP's to formulate new area lines for Canton. They told me that they were splitting the area from north to south and that we were to come up with the lines. After some prayer and evaluating members, investigators and so forth we came up with a great new area! I felt like we were doing President's work! With the area splitting we were planning on bringing in two new Elders to come and live in the apartment with us which we were very excited for until last night when I received the news I am being out-zoned tomorrow! I am very surprised to be transferred after only a quick 6 weeks! None the less, the spirit of the Lord has called me elsewhere. On Wednesday I will be traveling to Kirtland to find out where I am going and who I am going with! It is such a strange happening every time I have to leave an area. I can't sleep when I find out the news. Although it is very hard to leave I feel distinctly satisfied for the work I have done here. The area has about a dozen great investigators, the apartment is now clean and organized and all the records are now kept!
As soon as I heard I was being transferred one of our investigators came to the forefront of my mind. Her name is Danielle Griffith. She walked away from the Church in her late teens and chose to dis-fellowship herself. The first week I was hear our Young Men's President asked Elder Fair and I to stop by and fellowship her 14 year old son who is a member, in the course of finding him we met Danielle. The spirit has been ever present as we have re-taught her the gospel. I feel like my heart and mind flip into auto mode and words start flowing every time I meet with this woman. I want to bare witness of the power of the Book of Mormon. She has been thoughtfully and prayerfully reading it for the first time in her life and I have truly seen the light come alive in this beautiful sister. She has been receiving direct communication and revelation as she reads, it has truly been as though the Lord has spoken to her. On Friday we invited her to be baptized upon which she could not commit. We bore testimony and promised her that the Lord would assure her if she would make it a matter of prayer. Sunday morning came and told us that she "knows" she needs to be baptized. Her father is doing all he can to come in from Arizona to perform the ordinance but she said if he cannot find a way that she would like me to baptize her. I feel almost a kindred connection to this woman. In only our third meeting she told me "If you do nothing else in this area I want you to know that you were sent here for me".I truly believe that. I have loved this place and I hate to leave. It is in good hands with my good companion Elder Frandsen. He and I couldn't help but be emotional as we knelt in family prayer last night, he is such a good person. I know that Sis. Griffith will be re-baptized and I know her son Jalen will serve a mission and touch many people. I can't help but marvel in the power that brining just "one" inot the fold can do, and on that note I want to share my love with all for my brother, Elder Worsencroft. Better friedns than he and are hard to find and I am touched by what he has done with his life. His words of happiness are an inspiration and a testimony to me.
I cannot say enough about the goodness of our God! May our hearts and affections be His!
 Thank you all for your love and support. The work is hastening on!
Love, Elder Prince

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