Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Mid- nighted

Hello Dear Family,
   I have to be very brief today as I have a lot on the agenda. P-Day is not play day, it is preparation day. Friday night at 9:30 I received a call from the AP's and they told me to have my bag's packed and ready to go to Ashtabula, OH by 7 A.M.! Apparently there were some problems in this area (I didn't ask) and they needed to get an Elder out and fill the vacant spot immediately. In the mission if you get transferred before the normal transfer date it is called getting "mid-nighted", so literally at midnight I was packing up my stuff and getting out of East Cleveland. I am going to miss that area alot, I put my whole heart into it. It felt good as I called the Bishop and told him I was leaving, he congratulated me on how I left the area. Some of the members I was close with were crying on the phone, the whole thing was pretty bitter sweet, as it is a new opportunity and a new challenge.

So I am now in Ashtabula with Elder O'Donley. We will only be together for about another week, (transfers on the 26th). He is leaving the area after being here 6 months, and I was also called Saturday morning to be a trainer for a new missionary coming from the MTC next week! I am honored to be able to train. I know that my dedication to work is about to take on a new meaning. It is definitely going to be a challenge. AS for another piece of mission terminology, when two Elders take over a new area without one of them being there previously it is called "white-washing" an area. That is what we will be doing. I feel like I am starting from the bottom up but it will definitely be growing experience. A lot of new responsibility and alot my relying on the Lord, that is over all feeling in my life. I know that I can rise to the challenge and progress this area. It is huge! Which is nice because I finally got my driving privileges and I am the captain of a brand new Dodge truck! (It's my baby).

 My first Sunday in Ashtabula was pretty awesome. I got to meet the amazing members here and I actually met a woman who is my Dad's cousin! Her name is Sis. Smith! I can't remember the first name but I'll get to know her better as time goes by. I felt that was a little tender mercy of the Lord to have her in the middle of the country in Ohio. It was also a little weird to here her refer to my Grandma as "aunt Emma".

 I just want you all to know that the sweet letters and packages you all send really mean alot. I really struggle to find time to write you back, I feel bad. I am a bit overwhelmed at the moment and hope you all will be patient with me in my lack of response. Just know that I am doing the Lord's work and I am doing my best. I am so grateful for the many blessing and challenges of this life. Please pray for me to get my feet under me in my new area and my new assignment. I love you all so much.

 I know that God lives and that Jesus is our Saviour.
Remembrance is everything, remember Him this week!

Love, Elder Prince

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