Sunday, November 18, 2012

Happy November

Dearest Friends and Family,
                                               Interesting week this week! Hurricane Sandy apparently was 900 miles wide and we got a good three day storm out of her. Monday night we were advised to stay in our apartments and wait out the storm. We had brand new family of 8 moving into the ward that need help transporting items out of storage unit about 30 minutes away so we received permission from President to go and help them move. It was an epic event moving these people in the middle of this storm; sideways wind. I was laughing as I thought of Forrest Gump in describing all the different types of rain in Vietnam; we were experiencing the freezing cold kind that hurts when it hits your face. We were successful helping them but there were windows breaking everywhere, trees laying on the road and ALL of the lights were out in the city. Street lights and all! In consequence of the storm the lights in our apartment went out which included our heating and hot water. It was pretty fun to live camper style with the Elders for a few days as we waited out the storm but after a while you go stir crazy if you can't go out and teach. The most trying thing about this week had to be the ice cold; pierce your soul like a dagger water that we had to shower with in the morning. I am sure Travis is reading this somewhere rolling his eyes considering we pretty much got three days of what it is like to serve in a South America mission; none the less, cold showers are cold showers. When we finally resumed work and were able to leave, Elder Mo'Unga and I walked down our hallway out the front door of our building both looking at each other saying "This feel so good to be a missionary again!".
                                               All continues to go well in East Cleveland. We are really trying to get the ball rolling with our less-actives; their indifference can be saddening at times. Ali & Mohsen are continuing to do great; both attended church this week. We had a great meeting with they and President. We taught them the Doctrine of  Christ and they both grew in their desire to make covenants with the Lord. I don't have words enough to say how special these two young men are. They are pure, bright, humble and full of desire to follow the Master. We hope to have the green light from President on their baptism ion the coming month.
                                              Also, we received word last night that Elder Mo'Unga and I will be staying together another transfer. I am so excited to be with him. He is a great example and he is here for all the right reasons. We both had the opportunity to teach the YSA family home evening last night. I love working with the Young Adult Branch. We had a great time with them. We conducted several activities with them to help  them truly view one another as children of God. We even did a demonstration in which they were required to stare into a partners eyes for three straight minutes and try to see that person as God sees them. It was a very powerful demonstration and it was so interesting to here their responses and to listen to them describe what they saw in each other. We taught from the Hymn Book and the scriptures. The whole night was very memorable.
                                               Well, I best be going. I love you all. Thank you for your goodness. I don't endorse any political candidates; but God bless America today! Voting is agency at it's best! Have a great week! Love, Elder Prince

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