Monday, June 18, 2012

Brightly Beams Our Father`s Mercy

Dearest Friends & Family,
I've thought a lot this week about the fact that all of us in our lives are sending messages. Even if you chose to be silent you can't help but sending a message. The way you dress, the way you cut your hair, the expression on your face, the way you eat your food, use your words, etc, create the sum total of your message. I have decided that I want my life to be a message. I don't want it to be mine however; I hope that when people reminisce my memory that it is said "his message was Jesus". The promise has been given that if we speak under inspiration (which only comes after studying and living His words) than our words can be His words; I in He and He in I; what a thought! The thought also occurred to me this week that you cannot leave this life without serving someone, consider it; we cannot serve two masters; so at all moments we are serving one or the other. Besides the obvious feeling that comes when we are serving the Masters, there are a few ways we can know for sure just exactly who we are serving; Where are our feet? Do we stand in Holy Places? Who are my friends? Do they move me closer to the source of light or further away into the darkness? What drives us? Do we move about the day trying to accomplish vain ambitions? Are seeking to serve ourselves or our use others to accomplish our purposes and meet our needs? What do we think about? Where do your thoughts go on a silent ride or when your head hits the pillow? We are what we think about and we serve our selected master with our thoughts. Lastly, what do we care about? Consider the pride and the crafts of men; Think to yourself for a second, what does the world care about? Recognition, materialism, all whims of the flesh.Then ask and ponder, what does God care about? Moses 1:39 reads, "For behold, This is my work and my glory, to bring to pass the immortality and eternal life of man". That scripture speaks to me as to what He really cares about. Isn't it comforting to know that the Father takes interest in us; that He loves us; so much so He was willing to send Hid Son to suffer the world and men in it? My hope is that we will say what the Lord wants us to say, do what He wants us to do and be what He wants us to be. It is a sobering thought when you realize the most loving thing you can ever ask them to do is repent; to do so is another way of saying "your my brother or sister, I loved you then, I love you now and I want to love hereafter, else I wouldn't bother". My friends and family I love you. Jesus is the way, lets not kid ourselves or let "ol' scratch" have his way with us. Think, say and do what is most important and may our lives be our message.
Stepping down from my soap box now ;) It was a great week here in Ohio. I love Elder Metcalf so much. He and I do work together. There is a little flame getting lit underneath everybody in the ward right now and it is so exciting to see. They are all getting so enthused about missionary work and it has been because of the very small and simple things we have practiced. It is amazing how people become naturally interested when you are passionate about something. We found a great Part-Member family this week who had been less active previously. The marriage is pretty much in shambles in fact the wife asked fora divorce on Monday and we called asking if we could come by on Tuesday. Tuesday we met with the husband only and discussed his situation. I was so surprised how much he trusted us; he had a sense we cared and knew it was no coincidence that we contacted hm in such a timely manner. He has now been to church two weeks in a row with his entire family, including the wife. He told us that the spirit has been working on him so hard that he wants to prepare to baptize his 10 year old daughter. Her name is Heather and she is a little cutie, we taught her for the first time this week and she can't wait to get baptized. Kids have been shocking me as of late with how smart they are . We had one 9year old girl in the ward that we role played with who then went on to share the Book of Mormon with her friend on the school buss with ease; kids are such a great example, they get it! We are really excited to work with this family. As we left the first appointment the spirit impressed to me as to exactly what the problem was and I resolved to be candid with this man next time we met. As we talked this last week the impression was spot on and we identified where his marriage has been failing. It was so good to be able to relate to this man and offer the proper advice to repent; there are no coincidences in this work. The priesthood is real. Revelation is a real and will guide you if you are willing to obey it. I can't tell you how much I have come to value to the promptings of the spirit. Don't delay them; they may just save a life! Two nights ago we had a lesson on Missionary work with David and Danielle which was incredible. David juts broke down crying as he described his anxiousness to share the gospel with his friends and being frustrated by not having the words to say. We vowed to him we would give him the tools and we would teach the basics; we also suggested he didn't have to say anything, just hand them over to us ;) Man, life is good. I am completely lost in the work! I know I am because of what I am constantly thinking about. It is so fulfilling to make a real difference. I wrote this poem this week. It is simple but I know it has had great power in my life:
I love you all, Hope you have a great week! - Elder Prince

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