Monday, December 12, 2011

Happy Holidays!

Dearest Friends and Family,
 It is good to have a moment to write you this week. Time seems to be moving faster than I can ever remember. Elder Crosland and I are up to out neck in work, what a blessing! We went tracting this week in 25 degree weather and everybody tells us that we haven't seen anything yet! We are grateful that we have so many people to work with right now because we hardly notice that it is freezing outside and to be honest there is not much time to think about yourself.
 Sunday we had another baptism! This week it was our friend Mikey Smith! He was so excited and it was good to see him finally make his baptismal covenant after having taught him for the last 2 1/2 months! The service was really powerful and his non-member Mom was crying from start to finish, pretty awesome stuff!
  We hope to be baptizing two more young girls this coming Sunday! We are going to have a busy week getting everything approved and ready to go but all should be well! Their names are Angie and Aaliyah, two best friends from a few minutes away from our home here in Ashtabula, we have also been teaching them for the last two months. We are also taking our new investigator, Billie Jo, (who is awesome by the way) to Kirtland this week to take a tour and see the nativity set they have there. We invited her to be baptized next month and we feel that she may be one of those "Golden Investigators" you here about, as she is constantly reminding us that she has no doubt God placed us in her path!

 It is a pretty exciting time here! I love the Holiday season and all the ward members here have been very mindful of us and all our needs. I love this area's members so much. I'll miss them alot when it comes time to leave, they are always constantly looking for ways to help us and feed us!
 I apologize that I cant say more about this week. We are running behind today because we volunteered to help Aaliyah's family move today so we did that for most of the morning. Serve first, preach second is the motto. I sure love you all and am so thrilled by all the good that you do. Life is such a beautiful thing. I grow more and more in my testimony of the Savior's atonement, until we access it and let it work in us we can never fulfill the full measure of our creation. We are offspring of the thee most powerful, creative, intelligent and loving Being in the universe and his power is ready at hand. I know that there is no limit to who we may become, and the beauty of it all is it's simplicity. Start with a humble prayer on your knees and watch the immediate impact upon your next 24 hours! I love you all and know that He lives! Hope you all have a great day today!                                                     

Love, Elder Prince

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