Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Welcome to Ohio!

Bran and his good friend Elder Rangel on August 2nd in Cleveland, Ohio.
`The World is Yours!`

Elder Prince with His first companion in Ohio, Elder Martinez, on August 3rd.

Getting strong both body and spirit!
This one is `For the Ladies!!`

July 26th: Getting ready to head out first thing in the morning...
`Did you think to pray...`

August 9th: Brandon and Elder Sumsion completely drentched after biking home in a rainstorm.

August 18th: Elder Bills and Elder Prince enjoying some famous fried chicken from Hot Sauce Williams!

Study area in his mission appartment - Sept. 7th

Bran, it`s so fun for us to see these pictures. We are grateful for the effort you make to stay in touch with all of us. We can feel the spirit of the work you go forth and do each day! We are humbled by your example, and appreciate your dedicated service.
We love you!!

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